Tame Impala – ‘Currents’ (2015)

Tame Impala is the creation of Australian producer, songwriter, singer & multi-instrumentalist Kevin Parker. Their first album “Innerspeaker”, released in 2010 was a grounded psychedelic rock record that explored almost ethereal-like sounds, mixed with pure traits of psychedelic rock. 2012 saw the release of follow-up album “Lonerism” which retained psychedelia vibes of its predecessor, however meshed together different genres of pop music. This year, Tame Impala released their third album “Currents” and it may just be one of my favourite albums ever.

Currents is a departure from its predecessors in terms of overall sound. Parker stripped back the psychedelia vibes and fuzzy guitars and replaced them with glistening keyboards and vintage synths. The album is all about change and is an absolute joy to listen to. With each flip of the vinyl, there is an alternation between sombre and upbeat tracks.

I could write an essay on the various influences Parker has documented within this record and how much I appreciate it. I also love the artwork, courtesy of Robert Beatty I could literally pick any track from the listing and call it my favourite, but one just takes the cake for me.

Favourite track: Yes I’m Changing // Least favourite track: Love/Paranoia


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