‘Black Sabbath’ (1970)

Only in the past year have I employed the time to get to know Black Sabbath’s discography. Considered as the true pioneers of heavy metal; they influenced the creation of many genres such as stoner rock and sludge metal. It all began when four guys from Birmingham decided to make a record inspired by horror films of the time, over 45 years ago.

The sound on this album was a stark contrast to a time when bands such as The Beatles ruled the music scene. This record marked a turning point when music began to explore darker themes and guitarist Tony Iommi’s revolutionary technique of using tuned down guitars was widely adopted.

For me, Master of Reality has to be my favourite Sabbath record but their debut will always remain one of the most pioneering and iconic albums of all time.

Favourite track: Behind the Wall of Sleep // Least favourite track: Sleeping Village


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