‘Weezer (Blue Album)’ (1994)

Weezer were one of the bands to leave their stamp and define the 90s for the alternative rock and post-grunge genres. Their self-titled (and colour coded) debut album is one of the strongest debuts of all time.

The Blue Album is a genius mix of power pop, alt rock and grunge. For the most part, the guitar work is so simplistic, yet has a powerful impact within every track. There is a good dose of guitar solos, highlighted on the terrific “Say It Ain’t So”. The final track on the album, “Only in Dreams” is an 8 minute belter, with 7 minutes of gradual bass build-up leading to a crescendo of melody which ends the record perfectly.

Favourite track: Say It Ain’t So // Least favourite track: Surf Wax America


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