Black Sabbath – ‘Master of Reality’ (1971)

Sabbath’s third album is without a doubt my favourite. There’s only one word for it; riffage.

Sabbath’s previous album “Paranoid” catapulted the band into mainstream acclaim. Their heavy sound may have been considered unorthodox prior to Paranoid, however with heavy rock acts being on the music scene for a few years, this paved the way for heavy metal to be accepted by a wider audience.

The sound on this album is phenomenal, I cannot believe it is nearly 45 years old. The musical genius that is Tony Iommi created such simple guitar riffs to forge mega-hits such as “Sweet Leaf” and “Into the Void”. The album also has psychedelic influences, as featured in the track “Solitude”. A calm tone accompanied by a soothing flute fools the listener when the following track and album-closer “Into the Void” begins with Iommi’s monster C# riff. Damn it’s difficult to pick a favourite track, so I’ve got to go with the album-opener for its incredible riff and Ozzy’s vocals.

Favourite track: Sweet Leaf // Least favourite track: Embryo


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