Pink Floyd – ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ (1973)

Very few albums can be universally classed as a ‘masterpiece’. For me, Pink Floyd’s follow-up to Dark Side, “Wish You Were Here” is their true masterpiece. For many others, it is Dark Side. It is needless to say, this record is an astounding and timeless piece of work.

Although the record features ten tracks within its listing; it seems like there is only two because of genius engineering with seamless transitions. Tracks 1-5 and 6-10 are mixed and produced so perfectly, it creates an illusion for the listener.
The sound generated throughout the album can only be described as breathtaking. Pink Floyd’s use of synthesisers in tandem with traditional ‘four-piece’ instrumentation works extremely well and in my opinion is what enabled them to have created such thought-provoking and original material.

The Dark Side of the Moon will forever remain one of the greatest records ever created. Top tip: enjoy it best on vinyl.

Favourite track: Breathe (In the Air) // Least favourite track: N/A


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