Queens of the Stone Age – ‘…Like Clockwork’ (2013)

QOTSA’s long awaited follow-up to Era Vulgaris landed nearly seven years after.
This album is perhaps their most refined piece of work; every track feels carefully and precisely constructed. There isn’t a single track which I consider ‘filler’ and doesn’t deserve a spot on this record.

The album’s opener, “Keep Your Eyes Peeled” kicks things off with a dark, thumping drum beat and sludgy guitar riff. The tone lightens up with “I Sat By the Ocean” then crashes down again with “The Vampyre of Time and Memory”. This pattern continues throughout the track listing, creating a memorable flow. The penultimate track “I Appear Missing” is one of the best pieces QOTSA have composed. The synergy between the band is brilliant, from the multi-layered guitar to Homme’s signature vocals.

In my opinion, this album cemented QOTSA as one of the great bands of modern times as they consistently put out great material; with the long hiatus not negatively affecting the band’s core sound.

Favourite track: I Appear Missing // Least favourite track: N/A


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