‘The Doors’ (1967)

Debut albums typically consist of an artist’s initial ideas and energy. They are constructed to showcase all variants and strengths of their sound. The self-titled debut from The Doors is a fine example of this.

The Doors were partly responsible for embedding the roots of psychedelic rock and seen as a highly influential band throughout the late 60s into the 70s. Ray Manzarek’s work with piano, keyboard and organ is the backbone of The Doors’ quintessential sound. This is highlighted with their most famous track, “Light My Fire”. On this track, Manzarek is let loose with his Vox Continental organ; resulting in an outstanding solo, partnered with Robby Krieger overdubbing his smooth psych guitar. If you’ve never listened to The Doors or wish to pursue their work, start with this album.

Favourite track: The Crystal Ship // Least favourite track: I Looked At You


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