Black Sabbath – ‘Paranoid’ (1970)

Black Sabbath’s second studio album is widely considered as the band’s quintessential record; home to hits such as “War Pigs”, “Iron Man” and of course the infamous title track. Master of Reality is my favourite Sabbath record, however Paranoid comes in at a close second.

Paranoid stepped up the pace from Sabbath’s debut album. What pains me is that some people do not tend to look past the hits like “Paranoid” & “Iron Man” when there are some really great tracks throughout the listing.”Planet Caravan” is a spaced out psych-trip, way ahead of its time. Ozzy’s vibrato-soaked vocals float on by Iommi & Butler’s calm guitar work. “Hand of Doom” features a great riff and drum beat whilst the closing track “Fairies Wear Boots” showcases Iommi’s lead guitar talents with a great bass/drum ebb & flow.

Favourite track: Hand of Doom // Least favourite track: Rat Salad


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