The Arcs – ‘Yours, Dreamily’ (2015)

The Arcs is a recently-conceived project spearheaded by Dan Auerbach, famous for his garage rock effort, Black Keys. A lifetime passion project of his; The Arcs’ debut album is seeping with sensuality, soul and psychedelic vibes.

The album opens with “Outta My Mind”, an energetic anthem and in my opinion the best track. The track listing then fizzles into some pure psychedelia with “Put a Flower In Your Pocket”. Another highlight is “Nature’s Child” which is a subtle, sensual track; featuring Auerbach’s distant, heartfelt vocals.

It’s great to see new projects/groups like this release material with full creative control. It was evident that Auerbach wanted to break free from the raucous blues-rock from Black Keys’ latest record “Turn Blue”. It’s also clear that Yours, Dreamily is a strong collaborative effort between long-time friends. I’d recommend having this one in your collection.

Favourite track: Outta My Mind // Least favourite track: Stay in My Corner


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