Soundgarden – ‘King Animal’ (2012)

Sixteen years since their prior release, Soundgarden reformed and returned with their sixth studio album, King Animal. “Been Away Too Long” opens the track-listing in a highly energetic manner and is more of a ‘in-your-face’ rock track rather than the grungy style the band forged throughout the 90s. Also as the title suggests, the band acknowledges their long absence from producing fresh material and they definitely make sure they get the listener’s attention from the very start.

The album has a strong focus on melody over straight-up riffing. Tracks such as “By Crooked Steps” features distant, distorted guitar with multiple variations throughout. “Taree” slows the pace with stylish mid-tempo verses with a smooth accompanying guitar riff.Ben Shepard’s bass work really shines towards the end of the album, on tracks such as “Worse Dreams” and the album highlight, “Rowing”. This track closes the album, centred on Shepard’s bass lick with a slow build-up into a memorable crescendo.

Favourite track: Taree // Least favourite track: Black Saturday


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