Iggy Pop – ‘Post Pop Depression’ (2016)

This year has already seen the loss of many influential musicians and with the prominence of Bowie’s Blackstar, are we continuing to see a developing trend of artists writing ‘swan song’ material? For Iggy Pop, I don’t see this record as a swan song. Sure, it covers some dark themes such as the afterlife, mortality and quite amusingly, the ‘information age’ and its current day dominance. But Iggy, backed by a star line-up, proves he still has his musical chops.

Post Pop Depression is a collaborative effort between QOTSA frontman Josh Homme, Dean Fertita also of QOTSA & The Dead Weather and Matt Helders, the skin-beater from Arctic Monkeys. Every member brings their own unique sound to the cauldron to create the tasty concoction presented here.

Musically, this album is brilliant. Most of all, it’s catchy as hell. Every track has a discernible hook to it; from the infectious bassline/drum pairing in “American Valhalla” to Iggy’s sing-a-long provoking vocals in “Paraguay”. In terms of instrumentation, Josh nails the lead guitar, bringing some of his signature tone over from “…Like Clockwork” and Matt delivers tight drum tracks, the production being reminiscent of Arctic Monkeys’ album “Humbug”.

Josh’s trademark guitar techniques can be identified throughout this record. His love of taking a traditional guitar framework, ‘taking something out and adding something in’ has been extensively explored with his work with QOTSA and it follows through to this record. Techniques such as the abnormal bends in the main riff of “Break into Your Heart” as well as the chord progression on “Sunday” being reminiscent of the wonky, uncanny riff in “Turnin’ on the Screw” from QOTSA’s album Era Vulgaris.
All in all, go buy this album. It’s looking like one of the best of the year.

Favourite track: Chocolate Drops // Least favourite track: Vulture


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