The Bots – ‘Pink Palms’ (2014)

Los Angeles-based indie rock duo The Bots released their full-length debut album in 2014, formed of brothers Mikaiah & Anaiah Lei.

Pink Palms features a lo-fi garage rock aesthetic, however the duo often find themselves foraging into punk-rock territory, demonstrated on opening track “Ubiquitous”. This track begins with a brash, raw riff that gallops along throughout the run time. The catchy opening of “Blinded” translates into the equally catchy vocal melody during the chorus.

The highlight of the record for me is track “Wet Blanket” which features a more somber tone in comparison to the bulk of the track listing. Mikaiah’s dull, reserved vocals contrast well against the melodic guitar. A promising debut from The Bots, it will be interesting to see what they follow up with.

Favourite track: Wet Blanket // Least favourite track: All I Really Want


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