Eagles of Death Metal – ‘Zipper Down’ (2015)

The fourth studio album from Eagles of Death Metal came after a lengthy seven-year hiatus. Made up of Jesse Hughes & Josh Homme, their latest offering is an energetic and fun garage rock record with the occasional nod to classic rock and its tropes.

“Complexity” kicks off the track listing, beaming with energy and punchy guitars; most likely why it’s also the album’s lead single. One of the most memorable moments comes from “Silverlake (K.S.O.F.M.)” which features sleek, grooving verses. Other highlights include “I Love You All the Time” with its poppy singalong vibe, “Oh Girl” and the sublime Duran Duran cover of “Save a Prayer”.

My favourite jam on the record, “Skin-Tight Boogie”, brimming with swagger and embracing a hefty fuzz-guitar lick that chugs on throughout. This track would not feel out of place on “Era Vulgaris” from QOTSA; especially the chorus which contains one of Homme’s signature tones from that album.

Favourite track: Skin-Tight Boogie // Least favourite track: Got the Power


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