Black Mountain – ‘IV’ (2016)

Black Mountain’s fourth LP carries certain cosmic connotations, demonstrated with multiple synth-laded and progressive musical compositions; particularly reminiscent of Dark Side/Wish You Were Here era Pink Floyd. The general tone of the record often delves into ethereal explorations; established in some of the longer pieces, such as the album opener.

Eight-minute opener, “Mothers of the Sun” is one of the focal points of the album. The main riff, chunky and radiating with dominance is teased at the very start before launching again along with the main flow of the track around the half-way mark. The multi-layered instrumentation throughout this track creates a great, spacious atmosphere. “Defector” carries forth the cosmic themes with some retro-synthesised sounds, paired with distorted, tremolo guitar. Of course, with a catchy, sing-a-long chorus to boot. “Constellations” features a tight, co-ordinated yet somewhat uninspired riff (some would say ‘cock-rock’) and again a commandeering synth presence.

Closing track, “Space to Bakersfield” is a vast, nine-minute bluesy jam that works towards a brilliant, climactic guitar solo. A track that successfully rounds off one of the strongest rock offerings of 2016 so far.

Favourite track: Mothers of the Sun // Least favourite track: You Can Dream


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