Portishead – ‘Dummy’ (1994)

Portishead’s debut album ventured deeper into the newly-established genre of ‘trip-hop’ whilst popularising it to a greater extent. For a twenty-two-year-old record, it still sounds as fresh and exciting today.

“Dummy” is dark and mysterious; infused with sublime jazz and blues influences. Beth Gibbons demonstrates her impressive vocal range; often accompanying the instrumentation with her soft croons. Excellent use of atmospheric yet eerie sampling and drum machines creates many unforgettable experiences throughout the track listing.

“Roads” is a contemporary masterpiece. The track progressively builds, offering sequential layers of beautiful instrumentation. Divine orchestral elements underpin the soulful and organic blues, reaching a glorious crescendo in the third act and subtly disassembling towards the end. “Glory Box”, another fantastic piece on the record carries a melancholic yet jazzy vibe. Adrian Utley’s immaculate guitar compositions take the track to the next level, culminating in a solo I can only describe as resplendent.

Favourite track: Roads // Least favourite track: Pedestal


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