Jeff Beck – ‘Wired’ (1976)

Jeff Beck’s third solo album is an instrumental record – Beck’s unique brand of sound stems from the marriage of jazz fusion with rock and is showcased within the eight tracks presented here. It should be said that Beck’s manic, spaghetti-like style of guitar playing makes for some interesting sounds.

Opening track “Led Boots” kicks off the album with a fearsome tempo and immediately communicates the type of sound Beck is exploring. The use of a clavinet along with erratic synth and bass melodies contributes to Beck’s formula of funky, jazz-infused rock.

“Goodbye Pork Pie Hat” is rather subdued in tone in comparison to the tracks that surround it – sounding more like a bluesy jam you’d find on an earlier Pink Floyd record. Beck slows down the tempo and demonstrates his mellower approach to guitar playing, whilst still incorporating some experimental techniques. In fact, this sound appeals to me more than the funkier, uptempo material (I’m a sucker for bluesy jams!)

Favourite track: Goodbye Pork Pie Hat // Least favourite track: Head for Backstage Pass


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