The Doors – ‘Waiting for the Sun’ (1968)

Despite the apparently grueling recording sessions the band went through, including several hundred takes of multiple tracks, Doors’ third album contains some of their finest material.

Waiting for the Sun, despite its relatively short duration, is a pleasurable listen. In typical Doors fashion, Ray Manzarek’s keyboards are at the forefront of the band’s sound. Opening track “Hello, I Love You” which also became the band’s second hit, exhibits Manzarek’s ability to construct quirky keyboard licks which in turn form the foundation of the Doors’ established sound. Following immediately, “Love Street” is another staple Doors track that partners together intricate pianos with Jim Morrison’s charismatic vocals.

The tracklisting then takes a turn for the peculiar with “Not to Touch the Earth”, with its hypnotic and haunting melodies throughout. The track chaotically crescendos following a Krieger/Manzarek face-off; both creating some aggressively wacky sounds with their respective instruments. Closing track “Five to One” is a personal highlight, with Densmore’s driving drum beat and some splendid Krieger guitar solos.

Favourite track: Love Street // Least favourite track: Wintertime Love


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