Robin Trower – ‘For Earth Below’ (1975)

Robin Trower’s sophomore album “Bridge of Sighs” developed a winning formula of blues and hard rock fusion. His follow-up, “For Earth Below”, maintains the formula and reinstates the guitarist’s talents.

James Dewar returns to chaperone Trower’s lead guitar with his soulful vocals and subtle yet smart bass-playing. Whilst not having as much variation as the previous record, Trower incorporates some fresh elements into his sound. Wah guitar is rather prominent and is demonstrated on a few cuts, most notably on opener “Shame the Devil”. Use of reverb and phasers create some dreamy, ethereal vibes on track “It’s Only Money”, partnered with Bill Lordan’s smooth, bluesy beats.

Following my listening experiences with Trower’s prior album and “For Earth Below”, I did notice correlation between the two title tracks. Both are brilliant, downtempo, bluesy soundscapes, brewed by their multiple interpolated layers of sound. If you haven’t heard Robin Trower’s stuff and you love some blues-rock, I thoroughly recommend you check out his work, especially his first three albums. This was a man at the peak of his passion.

Favourite track: It’s Only Money // Least favourite track: Gonna Be More Suspicious.


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