The three vinyl records I’d love to own, yet are too rare to get hold of

These are a few albums that I’d love to own on vinyl, however are very rare due to their limited pressing history and currently sell for up to £200+ each.


John Frusciante – “The Empyrean” (2009)


Although The Empyrean was reissued in 2013, it is still rather difficult to get hold of a copy below £100. John Frusciante is one of my favourite guitarists. He was the guitarist in Red Hot Chili Peppers for some of the band’s most acclaimed albums, including “Blood, Sugar Sex Magik”, “Californication” and “By the Way”. Before his departure from the band in 2009, he released his tenth solo album.

What I love about The Empyrean is its versatility and overall tone. Frusciante recommends you to listen to the record “late at night in a dark room” and I completely agree, it’s just a special experience with its eclectic mix of art, experimental and psychedelic rock.


Gustavo Santaolalla – “The Last of Us (Original Soundtrack)” (2013)


Naughty Dog’s 2013 action-adventure survival horror game will forever remain one of my favourite video gaming experiences. The soundtrack, composed and produced by Argentine multi-instrumentalist Gustavo Santaolalla, significantly contributed to the atmosphere of the world, gameplay and narrative.

Much of the music is created with emphasis on texture rather than melody. The musical sparsity of the tracks mirrors the representation of the post-apocalyptic world that Naughty Dog successfully creates. Santaolalla manages to conjure up 56 minutes of haunting compositions, however does not fail to capture a sense of hope to signify particular stages in the narrative.

The vinyl counterpart to this soundtrack received a very limited quantity. It is one of my most-wanted vinyl records due to the 4xLP box set and its accompanying beautiful artwork.


Queens of the Stone Age – “Songs for the Deaf” (2002)


This is probably my favourite album of all time. It’s the one album I’d love most to own on vinyl, however it’s also one of the rarest pressings around – doesn’t that suck?

Queens of the Stone Age are by far my favourite band. I love anything that Josh Homme creates including all of his side projects and work, therefore he is my favourite modern musician. Songs for the Deaf is a concept album that takes the listener on a trip through the California desert. Throughout the track-listing, radio stations are used to stitch together the tracks and they feature some spoken sections from fictitious radio DJs and hosts.

Some day, I will recreate the journey portrayed on this album, whilst driving a 70s muscle car and listening to this very album…



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