Track review: Highly Suspect – ‘My Name is Human’

Cape Cod rockers Highly Suspect released their full-length debut ‘Mister Asylum’ last year, subsequently earning them two Grammy award nominations. Their highly anticipated sophomore record, ‘The Boy Who Died Wolf’, is due to release November 18 via 300 Entertainment. The band have accompanied the announcement by sharing the opening track ‘My Name is Human’.

The track alludes towards a fresh diversity in terms of the band’s sonic scope. It’s a chugging rocker, pulling from prog, desert and blues. Distortion-fueled guitars and fuzzy bass build up to Johnny Stevens’ emotional vocal deliveries in the choruses; creating a pleasant ebb and flow between the noisy chord progression and the layered melodic vocals. Lyrically, the track communicates feelings of self-discovery as well as cosmic connotations, also represented musically. Ambient noises disguised as guitar feedback and synthesised pitter-patters create an engrossing atmosphere throughout.

The Boy Who Died Wolf releases November 18 via 300 Entertainment.


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