Cherry Glazerr – ‘Apocalipstick’

Initially a bedroom-pop project fronted by vocalist-guitarist Clementine Creevey, Cherry Glazerr (a wordplay on NPR news reporter Cherry Glaser) approach their sophomore record with confident swagger. After dropping the punchy twenty-four minute debut in 2014 and scoring some exposure on an Yves Saint Laurent ad campaign, Creevey returns with a sonic step-up from her amateurish debut, as well as a complete line-up change.

The result is a fusion of their established raw noise-pop aesthetic, with more polished (mainstream) and resonating melodies. ‘Told You I’d Be with the Guys’ showcases this sound evolution through layered composition, ranging from Link Wray-esque chord strums to fuzzy synth strains and highly melodic guitar licks. Solidarity is the main theme here; Creevey claiming she’s a ‘lone wolf’ and showing regret that she was ‘with the guys’.

There’s a prominent underlying layer of synth-based instrumentation, due to the addition of multi-instrumentalist Sasami Ashworth. Namely, ‘Moon Dust’ & ‘Only Kid on the Block’ both creating sci-fi vibes through their spacey intros.

Cherry Glazerr’s sound evolution continues with ‘Nuclear Bomb’, its name being highly contradictory to its mix of acoustic and soft-electric instrumentation. It’s the chorus/bridge section that makes the track stand out, as it brews a chilling atmosphere that, funnily enough, evokes that of an alarm for an incoming nuclear strike.

Other notable tracks include ‘Lucid Dreams’, featuring some sharp guitar licks and matching harmonies & ‘Nurse Ratched’ with its fierce rock n’ roll attitude and sing-song sensibilities. The record comes to an abrasive close with the title track; a balls-to-the-wall instrumental jam, a true-to-the-bone soundtrack to an impending apocalypse.

Sure, ‘Apocalipstick’ isn’t a marvel in terms of originality or innovation, and the respective market for noise/garage pop is one of the most saturated out there. However, it’s interesting to see the vast evolution of what started out being a high school student’s bedroom project, and more so proof that anyone can start a band. It’s a fun and varied listen if you’re ever after some layered garage pop-rock, lined with swagger and spunky vocals.

Essential tracks: Told You I’d Be with the Guys // Nuclear Bomb // Nurse Ratched


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