Pond – ‘The Weather’

It is known that some high-profile music critics like to incessantly brand Pond as “Tame Impala offshoots”, and whilst this statement does hold some factual truth (three of Pond’s members are Tame Impala touring members), it is unfair to not treat Pond as a single entity.

‘The Weather’ is the band’s seventh studio album, and is frontman Nicholas Allbrook’s attempt to create a concept “focusing on all the weird contradictory things that make up a lot of colonial cities around the world”. Musically, it’s in compliance with much of the group’s back catalogue – whether they’re practicing their well-established brand of Australian sun-soaked psych-pop, or experimenting with other instrumental elements to innovate their sound.

‘30000 Megatons’ opens the record with a brooding progression, building to an intense climax before ceasing abruptly. Cue ‘Sweep Me Off My Feet’, a bright and airy highlight with an ice cool sing-a-long chorus.

The summer vibes continue with ‘Paint Me Silver’, a track that is gleefully screaming out to be best enjoyed on a beach someplace. ‘Edge of the World Pt 1’ seeps in with its echoed chord strums, yet its dynamic changes mid-track to a light, almost comical melody. Here’s where the most obvious Tame Impala comparisons can be made – yet then again Pond is made up of three of their touring members, as well as Kevin Parker holding production responsibilities. The third act of this cut channels the vintage tone of Tame Impala’s debut ‘Innerspeaker’, with its psychedelic layering and plentiful effects.

Moreover, ‘A/B’ features a hefty mid-track dynamic change – its out of character abrasive punk riffs transform into a slow piano ballad. Penultimate cut and second part of ‘Edge of the World’ features certain retro synthwave influences, similar to Kavinsky’s debut output. Allbrook chants “we’ve got the water for now” as the instrumental builds to a satisfying crescendo.

‘The Weather’ is a notable entry to Pond’s fast-growing and highly accessible discography. Polished production from the multi-talented maestro Kevin Parker ensures the recording and performances are high-quality from top to bottom. Put this record on when you’re out in the sun for optimum enjoyment.

Essential tracks: Sweep Me Off My Feet // Paint Me Silver // Edge of the World


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