2017 Best Listens

As 2017 nears its close, here are my favourites from this year’s output of music.

Two Parts Viper – ’68

This American noise-punk duo are still relatively unknown yet much to my joy, they are set for a handful of UK shows early next year. Two Parts Viper, the duo’s sophomore effort, sounded mightily fresh for a 2017 rock record. 68′ drew influence from Jack White’s multi-faceted tonality and raucous energy from other modern punk-rock outfits (a couple may appear here later on), making for a truly invigorating listen. For more on this you can read my Limelight article here, as well as sample the high-octane album opener below.

Indifferent World – Steady Sun

Another relatively unknown artist is Steady Sun, who this year released their third and finest studio album. Their subtle concoction of cosmic psychedelia make this one of the more memorable records of the year. You can read my full review here, and sample trippy cut ‘Benthos’ below.

Villains – Queens of the Stone Age

Queens of the Stone Age are my favourite band, therefore it’s no surprise that their seventh and consistently excellent studio album takes a place here. Read what were my initial thoughts here and check out a mightily infectious groove below.

The Haze – Pulled Apart By Horses

Leeds punk act released their fourth and best studio album earlier this year, it felt like a perfect blend of their early days, with the more polished direction they took with prior record ‘Blood’. Read my full review here and listen to one of the many mega-punchy cuts below.

Orc – Oh Sees

Oh Sees released a great album last year in the shape of ‘A Weird Exits’ and continued the trend with ‘Orc’ a few months ago. Oh Sees were on top form with this release as it featured some classic and memorable hooks.

Broken Machine – Nothing But Thieves

The band’s second studio album was a direct attempt at gaining a unique and recognisable sound and they executed this to a high extent. It was a great improvement over the debut in every imaginable way. Read my full review here.

Sketches of Brunswick East – King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard with Mild High Club

King Gizzard have released five studio albums this year (the fifth only having dropped today!) but their third was the best of the lot. A psychedelic-jazz odyssey, the band teamed up with fellow Aussie artist Mild High Club to create a lot more than just “elevator music”. Read my full review here.

Compassion – Forest Swords

Despite Forest Swords not being very well known, their second studio album was a great evolution of their musical style. Read my live concert review here.

Outrage! Is Now – Death From Above

Another artist releasing the best album of their careers was these Canadian dance-punkers. Read my full review here.

Sleeping Through the War – All Them Witches

A year of artist-best releases it seems as Nashville rockers All Them Witches dropped their incredible fourth studio album. Read my full review here.


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